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Mukilteo Historical Society
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Ahoy, history buffs and lighthouse lovers! The Mukilteo Historical Society is on a noble quest to keep the beacon of history shining bright. As a 501©(3) non-profit, we join forces with the US Coast Guard and City of Mukilteo to safeguard, spruce up, and swing open the doors of our cherished lighthouse while also helping to archive the history of our area.

Some volunteer areas include:
- Lighthouse & Gift Shop Crew: Be the face of maritime history by manning the lighthouse and treasure-filled gift shop from April to September.
- History Archivists: Dive into the past and help us chart the course of Mukilteo’s legacy.
- Garden Guardians: Got a green thumb? Help our gardens grow with the same love and care as our community.
- Wordsmiths: Craft and polish articles that tell the tales of our sea-kissed shores for various periodicals.
- Project Pirates: Join our crew for thrilling one-off adventures that make history fun!

Don’t let the ship sail without you! We’ve got year-round opportunities for every landlubber with a heart for history. Check out our website ( to learn more and sign up. Let’s keep the lighthouse light burning for generations to come!

Mission Statement
The mission of the Mukilteo Historical Society is to locate, acquire, restore, preserve, and exhibit any and all articles, documents, photographs, papers, artifacts and other items of historic, cultural, educational, or scientific value which pertain to the City of Mukilteo and its environs;

- Develop educational materials and promote recognition of the history and development of the City of Mukilteo
- Maintain Light Station grounds and premises in cooperation with the City of Mukilteo
- Staff the Light Station store and historical exhibits at appropriate times during the year, and conduct tours of the Light Station premises
- In cooperation with the City of Mukilteo, provide access to the Light Station for groups and special events on a prearranged basis with volunteers scheduled to staff the various locations
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